Forum Rewitalizacji [Forum for Revitalization (FR)] is the only nationwide association dedicated to the specific range of issues of urban rehabilitation in Poland. It was founded in 1998 by a small group of professionals and local governments, to support and to broaden the idea of urban areas improvement in the hard times of (never-ending) transformation.

Our present main goal is to promote revitalization as the best urban rehabilitation tool, spreading good practices devised and implemented by our Members.
Currently FR associates 70 Regular (personal) Members and 17 Institutional Members (cities and institutions). Our Regular (personal) Members come from broad range of areas of professional specialties, however the majority is of architectural and urban planning background.

The everyday activity of FR is led by the Board [conducted by Mrs. Dorota Chudowska Rączka, elected Chairwomen of the Board] and supervised by the Members’ General Assembly. FR is a non-profit and financially self-efficient organization, legally based on the regulations of Law of Associations( link: http://www.usig.org/countryinfo/laws/Poland/Poland%20Law%20on%20Associations.pdf )
For more information contact FR Head Office in Lublin by an email: biuro@fr.org.pl

Or give us a call:731 035 049. 


Postal address:
Rynek 8,
20-111 Lublin,